Recap: Logan Square Corridor Development Initiative Community Meetings


This fall, 35h Ward alderman, Rey Colon, along with the Metropolitan Planning Council, sponsored a series of community workshops, known as the Logan Square Corridor Development Initiative. The purpose of these meetings was to incorporate community input into the development of city-owned property outside the Logan Square Blue Line station.

At the third community meeting,  the MPC led discussions with Logan Square neighbors about several of the scenarios proposed during the second week of meetings. Four scenarios  were discussed which  represented a cross-section of the sixteen scenarios developed during the second week.  Development experts discussed the viability of the options proposed in the four scenarios.

Scenario 1 focused on creating affordable housing over green space or market rate housing. Scenario 2 focused on creating affordable housing and green space instead of market rate housing. Scenario 3 concentrated on creating affordable housing, but included some amount of green space and space for non-profit use. Scenario 4 was similar to several plans that focused on creating market rate housing and green space while creating little or no affordable housing.

Logan Square TV has footage of the entire meeting, divided into sections for indexed viewing. Below is a playlist of these meeting segments. Be sure to check the website for all the details and updates about the Corridor Development Initiative and the Bicentennial Improvements Project.

Hairpin CD! 3 - Recap