Gateway to Avondale: Woodard Triangle to Ease Water Troubles


The forty foot stretch of Woodard Street between Milwaukee and Kimball was closed to traffic last year to make room for a public plaza. Dubbed Woodard Plaza, this triangle-shaped parcel will not only provide new public space where Logan Square meets Avondale: it will help control excess storm water in the area. The water is diverted from the sewer system through small aqueducts built into the pavement, and used to feed native vegetation within the plaza.  These native plants will also be aiding in storm water management.

LoganSquare.TV  spoke with 35th Ward Alderman Rey Colon about this plaza, and the many benefits it will bring to the community, even to those who never visit.  He also talked about another nice touch this location will soon have. Click on the video above for Maple Walker’s report on the new “gateway to Avondale”.

Woodard Plaza Construction_2