Guzzardi’s Back for 39th District Primary



Maria Berrios

Maria Berrios

After coming within 125 votes of the Democratic nomination in 2012, Will Guzzardi is again challenging Toni Berrios in the Democratic Primary for Representative of Illinois’s 39th Legislative District.

To hear the Guzzardi campaign talk, they’re not just running against Toni Berrios, but also against her father, Assessor Joe Berrios, who previously held the seat Toni Berrios now holds, as well as the political machine in City Hall and Springfield. House Speaker Mike Madigan seems to agree, as his political fund, Democratic Majority, has invested a considerable amount of money in a campaign that digs thoroughly into Guzzardi’s past, and attempts to chain him to past employers of some of his donors. Certainly, one of the features of this primary campaign is the numerous mailers that the Berrios campaign and Democratic Majority have sent to voters, depicting Guzzardi as a champion of sexual predators.

LoganSquare.TV stopped by the Guzzardi campaign office last week for an in-depth interview with the candidate. Part 1 of that interview can be viewed here on LoganSquare.TV  Part 2 of the Will Guzzardi interview can be viewed here.  We also visited the Berrios campaign office and requested an interview with the candidate, but have not received a response.

For further 2014 Election coverage on LoganSquare.TV, check out the First Ward First meetings with Gov Pat Quinn and Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle. Incidentally, Joe Berrios’ name came up while President Preckwinkle was taking questions from Logan Square residents. Coverage includes links to complete footage from both meetings.