VIDEO| Wild Chicago DVD to Premiere at The Patio








It’s an all-time favorite show for many people in Chicago, but you don’t see it in reruns or on YouTube or Hulu. “Wild Chicago” hit the airwaves in 1989, and forever changed the way Chicagoans view their own city.

Ben Hollis is bringing “The Golden Age of Wild Chicago, Volume 1” to DVD, which will premiere at The Patio Theater at 3PM  November 17.  The DVD is a compilation of favorite segments from the first two seasons, and features several Logan Square area spots, including the now-closed Animal Kingdom, as well as Margie’s Candies, which still serves happy customers 7 days a week.  Ben even toured the 14th District with Sgt. Joe Kosala.  Click on the video to re-live a little of the Wildness from Logan Square.

Tickets to the premiere can be purchased here.  The DVD, which is available just in time for the holiday season, can be purchased at the premiere and will also be available beginning Nov 18 at Shorter clips will also be available on demand from Vimeo On Demand beginning at 3PM, November 17.