Hermosa Celebrates Walt Disney’s 114th Birthday


Hundreds came out to celebrate Walt Disney’s 114th birthday this month at his birthplace in Hermosa.   Disney was born in the house at 2156 N Tripp Avenue, just outside Logan Square, on December 5, 1901. The crowd that came out for his 114th birthday party sang “Happy Birthday” to Walt, and shared a giant birthday cake.

LoganSquare.TV spoke with the founders of The Walt Disney Birthplace, as well as legendary Disney cartoonist Floyd Norman, who contributed to Disney classics such as “Sleeping Beauty” and “The Jungle Book”.

Later in the day, a fundraiser was held at The Logan Theater to raise money for the restoration of The Walt Disney Birthplace, and for the funding of the Center for Early Childhood Creativity and Innovation, an arts curriculum developed for young children in Hermosa.

Disneys 114th Birthday Cake