The 606 Begins


Logan Square and nearby neighborhoods welcomed the opening of The 606 and The Bloomingdale Trail on Saturday, 6/06. There was a ribbon-cutting ceremony at each entrance to the trail, and at the western trailhead, Senator Dick Durbin, Mayor Rahm Emmanuel and Illinois Senate President John Cullerton joined Ben Helphand of Friends of The Bloomingdale Trail and Beth White of The Trust for Public Land in a dedication ceremony before the ribbon-cutting.

“When you go up there today, you still feel that sense of excitement…that sense of exploration,” said Helphand. Sen. Durbin noted that a little more than half of the expected $95 million cost will be paid for by gas tax revenues collected by the federal government and dedicated for trail projects.

Check out the video above to view the dedication ceremony.  Also, check out LoganSquare.TV’s rundown of neighbors enjoying the opening day of The 606 and The Bloomingdale Trail!