All Aboard! – The 606 Arrives in Logan Square


A little late for municipal elections, but just in time for summer vacation, The 606 arrived in the Logan Square area last weekend.  Thousands of Chicagoans and visitors took advantage of the perfect weather to welcome The 606 and its core frame, The Bloomingdale Trail.  The 606 is the name of the system of parks connected by The Bloomingdale Trail, the elevated path that’s been converted from a railroad bed.

Friends of The Bloomingdale Trail has been advocating for the conversion of the railroad into a public space since 2001.  As Ben Helphand told LoganSquare.TV, the rails stopped being used in the early 90’s and nature quickly took over. The Bloomingdale Trail has actually been part of Chicago’s Logan Square Open Space Plan since 2004.  The project became a priority for Rahm Emmanuel when he became mayor in 2011. The 606 refers to The Bloomingdale Trail itself, as well as the parks connected to the trail at ground level.

We all know Chicago’s weather can change easily, especially in early June. But Mother Nature cooperated on 6/06, with blue skies and perfect temperatures.  Thousands of neighbors strolled and biked leisurely along the packed trail and throughout the parks below.

Check out the video above to find out more about the opening of The Bloomingdale Trail. LoganSquare.TV also has video of the dedication ceremony at the western trailhead at Ridgeway.